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The Of Concern Clay and Glaze Database allows you to browse a collection of ceramic recipes to learn more about the chemistry involved or to apply to your own ceramic work.

Get started by clicking the 'Explore Clays' or 'Explore Glazes' links above. On these pages you will find photos of clay bodies and glazes. Click the photos to go to the detailed recipe pages.

The 'Materials DB' link at the top will show you the ceramic materials used for calculating the unity molecular formula for the clay bodies and glazes.

The 'Knowledge Base' includes technical articles on a wide variety of ceramic applications.

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Of Concern is a research project from Ben Fiess, owner of Inesse. The project started as a personal exploration of web technologies, relational databases, and recipe organization while Ben was a graduate student studying ceramic fine art.

Clay body and glaze recipes posted to the database should always be tested in your studio before commiting to production work. The database is provided as a non-production web-application. Please alert Ben to errors you encounter and every attempt will be made to remedy or resolve the issues. Don't trust the information on the website as your sole record: make digital and physical copies. The chemical analysis for materials is duplicated from Daniel Rhodes' Clay and Glazes for the Potter, as well as DigitalFire.

Please make use of this resource. Try new things. Investigate the unlimited potential of ceramic materials. Keep records. Share information. Make beautiful objects.

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